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Here at Wozney Enterprises, we specialize in network design, implementation, analysis and support services, focusing primarily on hardware from Cisco Systems. We are experts in switching, wireless, routing and security.
We make the network work for you.

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BGP Best Practices

ACLs on the Internet facing interface You should permit BGP only with known peers, to prevent malicious entities attempting to harm your BGP process by spoofing your neighbor's IP. You should permit inbound traffic only to your prefixes. There's no sense accepting traffic for networks you d…

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Things I know about BGP

Full routes Currently the IPv4 Internet is at about 515k prefixes and has been growing at about 15% each year for the last few years. That means in 5 years the IPv4 Internet may contain more than 1 million prefixes. Currently the IPv6 Internet is at about 21k prefixes and has been growing at ab…

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Recommendations for Wozney Enterprises

It was an extreme pleasure to work with Paul in the early history of Shaw's operations team. He brought a mix of skill, cleverness and good-natured cheer to a high-pressure environment. I'd happily work with Paul again or recommend him to organizations seeking network engineering talent.

Christopher Calvert
Manager - Security Analysis at TELUS