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Here at Wozney Enterprises, we specialize in network design, implementation, analysis and support services, focusing primarily on hardware from Cisco Systems. We are experts in switching, wireless, routing and security.
We make the network work for you.

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My journey into network automation

YAML Jinja2 Python Netmiko All of these came together to help solve a problem for me. What inspired me to create this mess of code? I had a job to update the configuration and firmware on over 250 VyOS routers. Coming soon is another job to build 40+ switch stacks (on about 180 swit…

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What I learned about MSTP 802.1s

STP History STP was invented by Radia Perlman and in 1990 802.1D STP was standardized by the IEEE. In 2004 it was supplemented by 802.1w rSTP (rapid STP). In 1998 802.1s MSTP was defined. This was 18 years ago at the time I'm writing this, and we haven't gone very far from here yet. Howeve…

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Recommendations for Wozney Enterprises

It was an extreme pleasure to work with Paul in the early history of Shaw's operations team. He brought a mix of skill, cleverness and good-natured cheer to a high-pressure environment. I'd happily work with Paul again or recommend him to organizations seeking network engineering talent.

Christopher Calvert
Manager - Security Analysis at TELUS