Wozney Enterprises Limited

About Paul Wozney Primary Consultant

Wozney Enterprises provides network services to clients in metro Vancouver and Winnipeg. It was founded in 2007, built its first web-page in March of 2008, made its first blog post in April 2008, and became Cisco Select Certified in April 2009.

Paul Wozney grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and has lived in Calgary, Vancouver and London (UK) — as well as traveling to almost every continent in the world. Paul is a well rounded character who loves learning and science as much as snowboarding and motorcycling.

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Recommendations for Wozney Enterprises

I've been a client of Paul's for about a year now, and he's saved my backside a few times. The first time I met him, we were being DDoSed in a way we hadn't seen before and we couldn't handle it internally. Paul showed up and put out the fire in no time. Since then, he's put out a few more fires, but more importantly, he's trained our guys, recommended some architectural changes which we've implemented, and today our network is a thousand times more robust than it used to be.

Reg Natarajan
President & CEO, eSecureData.com Inc.