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Our Services

Wozney Enterprises is a Select Certified Cisco Partner specializing in SMB networks; our services include network design, implementation, analysis and support services for switching, routing, wireless, security and voice. We have experience working with companies in marketing, mining, legal, education, real estate investment, and marine terminal operations.


We give you real data

To make effective decisions on network design real data is required. We have extensive experience in protocol analysis from Layer 2, 3 and 4; and we can help you make the right choices for network hardware, software design and even Internet and WAN connectivity.

We can produce human readable reports to help you understand how your network is used both on the LAN, and your WAN—in many environments the results are often surprising, and can identify existing bottlenecks in your network.


We create custom network designs

Every customer has unique requirements. Sometimes a simple installation is all that is required, and sometimes there are very complex requirements—but in all cases careful attention to detail in the preliminary design is paramount.

As in any industry, most of the work in a project is in preparation while the actual implementation can go by very quickly. With our in-depth knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the available hardware, we can design a network that brings your company the most performance, reliability and flexibility that your money can buy. As technology advances so do design options—you can leverage our experience with the most advanced configuration options possible to help you get the most of your network.


We build superior networks

With a thorough understanding of the design, and the requirements it is possible to do rapid, effective installations. We take great care in creating a clean installation, both outside the hardware with cabling and labeling, and inside the configuration to ensure that the installation can be supported by your IT staff, or any networking professional.


We supercharge your LAN

The LAN is often the most neglected of networks, with many companies leaving network switches in their default configuration; because of this the LAN is open to many opportunities for optimization. Layer 2 protocols that were designed decades ago are still in use today, and careful management of them will ensure that your network performs to the peak of its capabilities. Left alone, and these protocols may do the opposite, working against the newer higher-level protocols and actually decreasing the performance of your network


We connect your businesses

Routers today can offer much more than simply passing packets—they can provide firewall, voice, intrusion prevention, and even URL filtering. However, at the most basic level a router must route IP traffic. We have been working with routers for over 10 years, and have experience in most dynamic routing protocols; including OSPF, EIGRP and BGP.


We protect your network

We have extensive experience working with the Cisco PIX and ASA range of network firewalls. This new technology offers many new office connectivity options, from the traditional IPSec VPN tunnel, to remote-user SSL-VPN tunnels, and application tunneling.

These hardware based firewalls can be used for in the home-office, or in remote offices, and IPSec VPN tunnels can be created between different network hardware vendors, which means you can continue to use your existing infrastructure as you migrate to the new technology.

IP Telephony

We help you communicate

VoIP and IP Telephony are changing the face of office communication. This technology becomes more and more accessible every year, now even to very small businesses of 10-16 users. We have experience working with every scale of IPT implementation, from small office with the Cisco UC500, to the medium office with the Cisco CME/CUE on the 2900 series routers, to the large scale Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity Connection server based deployments on the virtualized Cisco UCS server platform.

IP Telephony can be used by mobile workers, through the use of VPN tunnels and software telephones; allowing you to continue to do business as usual while traveling, or working from home.


We create clear documentation

Documentation is budgeted into every project, and is a key deliverable every time. Clear documentation means that your network administrators can often solve problems on their own without calling in outside consultants. Additionally your business is not tied to using a single consultant when the documentation can instruct a networking professional to find the root of the issue.

We are diligent to apply documentation in every layer of the network, from a handover document at the end of a project, to inline documentation right in the configuration of the network devices.


We build and manage your Linux servers

We have 5 years of Linux consulting experience, and over ten years of regular use of the OS, from programming and scripting to IP telephony with Asterisk.

We can help design and build Linux application servers, analyze configuration faults and implement virtualization technologies like VMWare and XenServer.

We can install, configure and maintain many Linux based network monitoring applications like ntop for SPAN and NetFlow stream collection, Cacti for network and server monitoring, and Nagios for up/down server and application status monitoring.

Recommendations for Wozney Enterprises

Paul has always impressed me with his ability to truly “think outside of the box”. He is one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever met. His broad array of skills allow him to develop well thought out solutions to any challenges presented. And not only does he possess great knowledge but he loves to share it. It would be a pleasure to work with Paul again.

Buu Lam
Network Operations/Support Analyst, Placer Dome